My Shopping Genie Review: Are Human Beings Getting Lazier By The Minute?

As human beings are getting more lazy by the minute and living in an “instant gratification” culture, the MLM industry has taken notice of this and jumped on the opportunity to capitalize on it. Hence the advent of one of the newest and freshest companies to emerge named My Shopping Genie. Now you should not join any network marketing company because it is the newest or the freshest. One should do their research and then determine if it is an applicable fit to ones needs and lifestyle. Let’s take a closer look at the new kid on the block in greater detail.

Founded by David Freed (President) and Bruce Bice (co-founder) in 2007, My Shopping Genie is a place where you can locate great deals and bargains on the net. It taps into the consumers love of shopping and you can really get addicted if you are a shopaholic. It is managed by a company called MyNet Universe and they claim that not only can you save time and money with the Genie but you can also earn a residual income as well if you choose to.

It works like this. The Shopping Genie helps to locate the best deals on items when searched by its user. When this is executed, it will pull information from various websites giving you the option on which deals suit your fancy the most. One can then “shop till they drop” without having to leaving the comfort of their home. The Genie does all of the work and you don’t feel tired after wards. Amazing!

To begin making an income from this tool, one can sign up as an affiliate of the product. My Shopping Genie is totally free, and as an affiliate, you give it away for free. When someone obtains the tool from you and begins to use it, you will receive a commission. It’s as simple as that.

The big money comes into play when you help others build a team using My Shopping Genie. When you become a distributor your role will be to encourage others to use the product for all of their needs as well.

This tool currently is the only one of its kind in the market and is projected to get more and more popular as time goes on. This Home Based Business has an 80.15 percentile ranking with the MLM Metrics database making it a great business to join if you are looking to work from home.

Out of a scale of 1-10 I give My Shopping Genie an 8. It’s a solid product and I predict that it will have better and better upgrades in the future, making its users happier and providing a solution for those who want it cheap, quick and easy. Sound’s all American to me!

Plastic Shopping Bags Compared to Paper Shopping Bags

As much as we all know, shopping bags are common use while we go shopping, buy some groceries and it is even now used for us not to hand-carry things. It actually gives us an efficient and easier way to go shopping and also go to somewhere else. This is also actually the luckiest way how the shopaholic and non-shopaholic individuals collect all kinds of neither plastic or paper bags at their home in which they can still use and recycle. But just to remind you not all of these bags can still be recycled.

And as the new generation outgrows, new diversities of shopping bags were made which is designed for several uses. The extremity of these bags involves different forms and class nowadays. Designers came up with all simple or even fancy and comfy designs that will be convenient for shop buyers. As such, people also have different perspectives on what to use and what to recycle. But as a heads up, we have two kinds of shopping bags that the individual commonly use, that are plastic and paper shopping bags.

Plastic bags or the so called plastic grocery bags which is obviously made up of plastic can also be reusable and it offers a heavy-duty feature that allows us to reuse the plastic bags many times. Usually plastic bags are made with lots of designs that are appealing to the eyes. It is durable that even wet food can be stored in it and as much as more useful when it’s raining. And the most important advantage of this is that we can use it in storing heavy products and that is why retailers and consumers usually uses plastic bags for shopping. At home, often people use it as a trash cans liner to avoid the wastes from spilling on the floor.

The purpose of the plastic bags is that it is also environmental friendly in which it also consumes less air and water pollution than the paper shopping bags since plastic bags has lesser weight comparing to paper bags. However, we must also put in mind that plastics come from non-renewable resources unlike papers. And that is the main reason why plastic are now being banned in some places and that means that plastic bags are hard to be composted.

Paper bags or the so called Kraft bags are renewable resources which originally come from trees. Even though it is easily prone to tearing, the best thing about it is that they can be recycled so on and so forth (that means without any limit). Since papers come from trees, any material made of paper has more degradability which is helpful to our land resources. Yes, it takes a lot of time to produce paper bags but it will also take less time and effort to compost paper bags since it is a biodegradable material than littering plastics elsewhere which can pollute our surroundings.

We actually now have a common goal, to disseminate a more eco-friendly shopping materials that we may use conveniently while shopping and buying some groceries and afterwards to be reused at home. Paper bags are actually offered in some department stores for free and some are not. But plastic bags are the one commonly used by shop buyers when purchasing something.

In the long run, the main goal that we need to consider is to have a proper implementation on recycling either paper or plastic bags. And that will be the greatest solution that may help the community to have an eco-friendly environment.

How Green is Shopping Online

Shopping can be a hassle, especially during the holiday season. There are traffic jams and long lines at every cashiers’ counter, and stores are extra busy and packed. It’s tempting to just avoid these stressors by shopping online, but is online shopping good for the planet? Here we will look at the pros and cons of online shopping.

Some of the benefits of shopping online include:

– By shopping online, you can avoid driving and save on gas, avoid getting caught in traffic and spend more time looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

– You have more opportunity to be picky about where your items were made, by whom, and how. When you show in local malls or boutiques, you are limited to their inventory. Most online stores will give you a little extra information about the products being sold.

– You can save on armloads of paper and plastic shopping bags.

– You can find and support a greater variety of stores online that are doing good things for the environment, as well as a greater variety of items.

The greatest downside to online shopping is the fact that items purchased have to be shipped to you.

Whenever possible, request that multiple items be shipped together and try to be aware of where the item will be shipped from. If the item has to be shipped across the country (or from another country) to you, you’re not going to feel too good about your carbon impact on the environment. Either try to find the item from a store closer to you, or consider buying carbon credits to offset the emissions. If you can, also encourage sellers to reuse envelopes and bubble mailers or use recycled packaging materials.

It can be tempting to print all of your receipts when you shop online, but this is not necessary and is wasteful of paper resources. A way to save your receipts electronically, if the shopping cart you’re purchasing from does not give you this option, is to copy/paste your confirmation page into a new text file on your computer (using a program like Microsoft Word or Notepad). Alternatively, simply write down all of your confirmation numbers, order prices, and the website names/URLs on a single piece of paper for future reference. Most shopping websites also have an option for you to create an account on their website, so you can log in later and acquire all of the information you need on recent purchases.

Online shopping can be a green shopping alternative if you take your time and are selective in how and where you buy.