Men’s Hair Loss – Are There Any Easy Solutions?

You often here some woman talk about how they find bald headed men attractive. I think you’ll find they are referring to good looking hunks who choose to shave their heads, and not those of us that are suffering from male pattern baldness with tuffs and islands of hair surrounded by patches of hairless scalp. Being bald through choice is one thing, but naturally lacking hair is quite another. I think it’s reasonable to say that men’s hair loss is no joke, well, not for us chaps anyway!

But what’s the big deal here? I mean there’s no physical pain from men’s hair loss nor are there and scars or unsightly growths revealed (well, not in most cases). Perhaps as a male and someone who has progressively been losing his crop for quite a number of years now, I can tell you a few reasons why men’s hair loss is such a big deal to so many.

Firstly, having healthy tuffs at the back and sides with nothing but an egg head in the top middle, is not attractive period. Worse still is the front island. I’m talking about that stubborn handful of hair that refused to go with the rest of it. Sure, we can shave this down, but all you have then is an island shadow and constant stubble.

Also, losing my hair has revealed what seems like a meter of vacant forehead, and I’m talking long here. There’s so much room above my eyebrows that I could fit another face in there. It’s not very nice when your own kids give you the nickname ‘Slaphead’

It’s hard to believe how much hair I used to have. Looking back on the old school photographs reminded me of how I used to get told off by the teacher for chewing my hair in class. I was also being constantly told to get my fringe cut so I could see the chalk board. Blimey, where the heck has it all gone?

Oh well, I guess men’s hair loss is not so much of a problem for the likes of me. I mean, I’m not on the hunt anymore, and I have a family who loves me. Perhaps that’s just as well as my wife often says my craggy old head resembles a crushed crab. But on a serious note, men’s hair loss is a problem for many, and some poor souls find it very distressing. I particularly feel for the young lads that start to get patchy in their early twenties. Now that is a cruel blow by mother nature.

The good news is, although there is still no miracle cure for men’s hair loss, there is a lot more preventative treatments around today, and there are also some great products that can slow the balding process down. In addition, there are a few hair restore lotions and potions that work for some people, but definitely not all.

MY advice to any balding fellow is this: Your hair is not going to fall out overnight so don’t get into a panic and go buying everything you see on the pharmaceutical shelves. Most of it will only cause you more stress and upset if it fails to work, not to mention what impact it will have on your pocket book. Take your time, read up on the causes of hair loss and identify your type. Once you have a foundation of knowledge, try a couple of products, but be prepared to accept what might be the inevitable should these hair loss treatments fail you.

Acceptance is really the key here when it comes to men’s hair loss. I have a friend who has been obsessing about his receding hairline for years now, and it does absolutely nothing to help his hair grow back. It’s all he ever talks about. As far as I’m concerned, keeping hair tightly cropped to the scalp has always been the best treatments for baldness.

It’s like my old grandmother used to say; you die if you worry, and you die if you don’t. So why worry?

Curly Hair Girl – A Few Tips to Effortless Curls!

The most frequent asked question that I receive on a daily basis is, if I like my hair? My immediate response is, I love my hair! The next question that usually follows is, if I ever straighten it and how long does it take? I hardly ever straighten my hair because it takes over two hours. Who has time for that?

Curly hair is not the easiest to manage but once you find a product that works, buy 100 bottles of it! The worst thing is running out of your favorite product the day of an important interview or a romantic date. You will find yourself looking through your bathroom cabinets and drawers for something that may suffice for a couple hours, but knowing your curls do not look as good as they can.

At the beginning of the day, my hair is the last thing I really worry about in the morning. I wash my hair a couple times a week and on the other days, I wet it and apply conditioner if necessary. The shampoo and conditioners I use tend to be for frizzy, curly, and dry hair. Try not to use a shampoo that automatically make the curls feel dry after the first rinse and do not always depend on the conditioner to do all of the work.

The one thing I do not do is brush my hair! The typical response given to such a statement is, “How are you able to manage it?” I merely just run my fingers through my hair (when wet in the shower and during the application of my hair serum) eliminating any large knots or even dreadlocks that may have formed. Note: Dreadlocks will form if curly hair is always up or put in to a bun frequently. By not brushing or combing my hair, the curls remain intact and do not have to worry about the curls looking much shorter than they are. Also, not brushing eliminates any curl nests that would normally form towards the back of my head.

I have relatively long, brown, bronzed curly hair. Similar to others with the same hair type, my hair looks shorter than what it is. It took years to determine the right cut and style for the type of hair I have. If certain areas were cut too short it would curl up higher than another section. The biggest issue was to make sure the hairdresser did not cut the front straight across, but to cut at an angle that would lie perfectly with the shape of my face. Note: If you find a hair dresser that cuts and styles your curls the way you love, continue using the same stylist. Do not waste your time exploring other salons to see what else is out there.

Often at times, I will decide to do something drastic to my curly hair look. It could be cutting it as short as possible without looking like an afro or getting it highlighted lighter or coloring it darker. As with any type of hair that has been colored or highlighted, the upkeep is the hardest! I spend at least 2 to 3 hours at the hair salon (majority of the time spent applying the color and tin foil) and over $250 towards my bill. These salon splurges usually occur every 6 to 7 months, so choosing a color tone that will look good 7 months later is the key. As the curly hair grows out, the color should continue to look natural and effortless.

Curly hair is something straight haired girls want, and natural curly haired girls want to get rid of. It is a lose-lose situation if you are always wanting something you do not have. Continuously blow-drying and flat ironing curls will eventually damage and fry the hair. It may just be a phase you are going through and all of sudden one day you wish to go natural, what then?

Embrace, love, and appreciate those curls!

Halo Hair Extensions

True or Faux?

Finally – great quality hair extensions that everyone can afford. Halo Hair Extensions is ready and waiting to give everyone a better hair day.

With a range of different hair extension options, including 100% human Indian Remy hair in over 30 colours, four lengths. The latest developments in applications for the consumer and professional market, plus a versatile synthetic hair range which can be heat styled up to 220°C.

The Halo Clip In hair extensions are a perfect and easy way to create instant length or va va voom volume. In less than five minutes a full head of luscious locks can be clipped in, giving you that little but of confidence for first day at work nerves or adding a little glamour to your Saturday night outfit. What’s more the clip in Halo extensions won’t damage natural hair the day-after-the-night-before as they are simply clipped out. Available in half and full head sets, already cut to size with pre sewn on clips – it couldn’t be easier. RRP’s from £24.99 for synthetic hair and £39.99 for human Indian Remy hair.

For more permanent hair-enhancement try the virtually undetectable Halo Micro Loop. Dubbed ‘the lunch hour hair extensions ‘, as it takes approximately an hour to apply a whole head, this technique is the evolution from the traditional stick tips. A more hair-friendly option, as no heat is used in the application of the extensions, instead the strands are applied in three easy steps using the removable plastic loop; 1. Thread the plastic loop attached to the Halo Hair through natural hair and start to pull 2. This action will effectively thread the Halo hair onto natural hair, keep pulling through until the loop is fully detached 3. Once the Halo hair is 10mm away from the scalp, pinch the ring to hold the strands in place. Voila – great hair in no time!

The Halo Micro Loop is sold in bundles of 50 strands and are available in 100% human Remy Indian hair only, in 30 natural and vibrant colours and 20″ length.