What You Can Make When You Buy Organza Bags Wholesale

When buying organza bags wholesale, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of different things which can be done with them. Their versatility is one of the many reasons why these bags are so popular with small business people and sole traders. Because they are so beautiful, there are a huge number of different types of items which can be improved by packaging them up in these beautiful bags. If you have recently bought organza bags wholesale, you may want to think about using them to package up a few of these things.

Homemade Chocolates

Homemade chocolates can be a delicious treat for anyone, but they will feel even more special if they come packaged up in a lovely little bag. Putting three or four chocolates into a bag is also an excellent way to control portion sizes as well, so that your recipients do not end up over indulging.


As well as helping to protect the item whilst it is in transit, these little bags are an excellent way to present jewellery, as they can help to enhance the beauty of the items which you have created. Putting individual items into bags can prevent them from becoming tangled up with other items of jewellery, thus helping to preserve them. However, you do have to be aware that some sharp items, such as earring hooks, can pierce thin organza bags.

Sugared Almonds

Sugared Almonds are a great treat at Christmas time, so long as they are eaten in moderation. If you want to use these treats as a stocking filler, putting them into a little organza bag is a good way to distribute them. Once the treats in their bags, you can push them right down to the toes of the stockings to fill out the thinnest bits. Because the almonds are contained within a bag, you do not have to worry about them spilling everywhere.

Homemade soaps

Making homemade soaps is one of this year’s latest trends. Many people have realised that beautiful, refreshing soaps can be created at home, using beautiful natural ingredients. If you want to gift someone handmade soap which you have made, you may want to wrap it in cellophane first, because this will help to protect the bar from the effects of moisture and humidity before it will be used.

Game pieces

If you own a lot of games with tiny playing pieces, it can be hard to keep track of them all, especially if you have children who do not like to put one game away before getting another one out. Encourage them to put things away in the right places by putting coloured organza bags into the boxes for them to put all the playing pieces into. This will also make it easier for them to set things up next time they want to play. When buying organza bags wholesale, remember that they are available in different sizes and colours and therefore they are ideal for this task.

How to Find the Best Offers for Diamond Jewellery

First, go through the websites of both the retail stores and the online jewellery stores and make a shortlist of items you like that are within your budget.

Next, get all the product details and costs for each piece. For example, if you are looking at a traditional 7 or 9 stone diamond earring, get as much information as possible on the diamonds, making charges, wastage, taxes, and total costs. Ask for the gold weight and the stone weight separately. The more information you are able to collect at this stage, the easier it is to compare and make your decision later.

Bring all your metrics for a similar piece on to a single page, by comparing the details across stores. Arrange these points of comparison items vertically (no. of stones, grade, carats, etc) and the store names (store 1, store 2) horizontally in a table or excel sheet. Add the values for each item carefully. Put the costs (making charges, wastage, tax, total) in the last rows.

Now examine your table carefully. Which store has the diamond earrings which are most expensive? Why are they the most expensive? Is it the value and number of diamonds, or is the tax adding a huge difference? Which store offers the least wastage and tax? By asking and answering these questions, you’ll be able to get a picture of which store is giving you a good deal.

Call a few of the stores and find out what would be the value of the same piece if you got it made with better quality or lower quality diamonds? If several stores have low wastage and one seems abnormally high, find out why. Let them know their wastage is higher than every other store, and they may try and make it competitive to sweeten the deal for you.

Once you have all this information, you are ready to make your decision. Eliminate the stores which have the less satisfying cost/quality combination, first. Keep eliminating till you have only 2 or 3 options left.

At this point, you may want to visit the stores and try on the pieces. Or if you are purchasing from an online store, talk to their diamond experts. Get all your doubts and issues clarified, and let them know if you have any concerns with the piece you are purchasing. The merchant or expert may have alternate suggestions for you, which match your requirements perfectly.

Now that you’ve done all the homework, it’s time to once again take your taste and preference into consideration. Is there a piece you are leaning towards? Does instinct tell you which one to choose?

When you’re finally done with all the research and negotiation, go ahead and make a final decision with confidence. You can be sure you’ve gotten the best offer and are bringing home a spectacular piece of diamond jewellery.

How To Clean Diamond Earrings

Women prefer to wear different earrings every day. Therefore whether you wear solitaire stud earrings or two tone diamond hoop earrings, you will need to clean them. Due to high exposure, the metal can get worn rather quickly. The stone can lose lustre rapidly too. In most cases, you cannot do much about exposure or regular wear and tear. But, you can take serious efforts to clean diamond earrings frequently to retain its sparkle.

Pay to clean

You can contact local or your online jewellers you trust to clean your diamond earrings. This is a very efficient way of getting things done. When you buy diamond earrings online, you must ask about these services and charges for same too. This will give you a clear idea about maintaining jewellery. Considering amount spent in purchasing diamond jewellery online, the cleaning cost is negligible yet a worthy investment. You need a sparkling elegant diamonds when you wear them, right?

Clean personally

There are several online diamond jewellery websites that offer detailed information about cleaning diamonds and jewellery personally. These tips will help you make the necessary purchases and clean them yourself. Be it diamond stud earrings, hoops or dangles, they are delicate and elegant. Therefore, it is far more challenging and time consuming to clean their finer crevices personally. It does not mean that you cannot clean your diamond earrings. In most cases, you cannot do much about exposure or regular wear and tear. It just means that you must set aside sufficient time aside to do a satisfactory job. Here are some common online tips for cleaning diamond earrings.

• Use tooth-pick for cleaning prong settings of solitaires.

• Use tweezers to remove any fibre.

• Use banking soda mixture for cleaning diamond earrings and bringing back lustre.

• Pour vinegar on backings for cleaning the dirt.

• Use lint free cloth for polishing earrings.

These are very generic tips and you will need to consider type of earrings you have before you begin. Here are some basic tips:

• Diamond is the strongest stone. But, when you consider other gemstones, process is very different. If you plan to clean your gemstone earrings personally, do ensure that you clean them accurately.

• Method of cleaning the metal part of earrings will vary if you have two tone diamond hoops and white gold diamond stud earrings.

All online information about cleaning diamond earrings is not reliable. Call a reputed and respectable jeweller before you make your choice.